By Mike Brake For The Oklahoman Published: October 1, 2017 from Okie-Tex 2017.
This is a letter we received from Tom Trusock, editor of CloudyNights reviews, and Speaker at Okie-Tex 2007.
To: The Oklahoma City Astronomy Club
Re: Okie-Tex 2007
Fellow amateurs -
What a great weekend!
I'd like to take a minute and thank everyone involved with this year's Okie Tex Star Party especially Jeff Thibodeau, Larry Beatty, Phil Kuebler and Pete Kron. Gentlemen, the OTSP has been high on my list for several years, and I simply can't voice how much I enjoyed it. I was honored to be asked to speak before such a group of knowledgeable and friendly amateurs. Although I was 2200 miles from home, and meeting many old friends for the first time, I was as comfortable as I'd ever been. The scenery was amazing, and the skies (what small chance I had to view under them) were superb. Between the fellowship, the skies, the observing, the fun and the excellent food it's easy to see why Okie-Tex is one of the premiere star parties in the world.
Thanks once again for the opportunity to come and share with everyone.
Wishing you all clear, dark skies!
Tom Trusock
A write-up By Mike Lockwood, one of the Speakers from Okie-Tex 2007.
An article by Robert Wade Printed in Reflections: December, 2006.
An Article From The Boise City News in Oct. 2005.

Amateur Astronomy Magazine Reviews Okie-Tex 2004

Reprinted with permission of Tom Clark, Editor and Owner of Amateur Astronomy Magazine. Thank you Tom!

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